Saturday, September 10, 2011

Google H Score, Year 3

This is the third year I've posted my Google H Score, and, my H score is up to five! Yes! My original post about my Google H score (and year 2) that started the whole thing showed that, back then, my G-H Score was 4. Is more still more? Are there hot topics and more-widely cited journals? Do things fade over time? No idea yet. And, hey, my solo score is up to 3.

In order to get to 6, I'll need the Cross National Study... to get to 6, and one of the lesser-cited ones also to get to 6. Tough to do, I think, but there is some solo work out right now (one R&R, one new submission from ICA, and one I'm vetting with a friend which will go out soon) and two co-authored pieces in progress (well they're not progressing while I work on this post...).

Article (short title)JournalAuthor(s)Year200920102011
Mechs of an online public sphere JCMCSolo2005*25*42*51
To broadband or not to... JoBEMCo200491012
Honey, I shrunk the world!MCSCo200681215
Playing Internet curveball...Convergence Solo200671112
A cross-national study...TISSolo2007125
Technology as place(chapter)Co2010--2
Online org... (HICSS) Co 2011 - - 1
Copyright notices...JCMCSolo2008*1*1*1
Global citation patterns...IJoCSolo200900x
Strat and global elite theoryIJoPORCo2009000

Values as of Sept 10th, 2009, 2010, and 2011.

* indicates one self-cite (relevant!).
x = missing from/mis-titled in Google.
Neither self-cite affects the Google H value.
The numbers fluctuate from time to time, which is odd but they do.
HICSS is conference proceedings.