Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How The Mightily Hyped Have Fallen

Second Life inspired a wave of hype and fear not seen since... well ok we see that kind of thing all the time, but it was like Internet Hype 2.0, which of course was another version of Digital Utopia (version number too large to count really). So, every company had to get into Second Life, even when much of it turned out to be weird and porny. They got in like there was no tomorrow, massive announcements, and then quietly left, trying to hide their embarrassment. Even Wired left their offices.

I just ran into this ad on a wiki. Wow. They've really hit bottom. Even I am a little embarrassed for them. (Google will never do text flow correctly, drives me nuts.) "YES WE ARE SLUTASTIC." Nicely done, Lindens (if it is even still the Lindens), embrace your scumbaggery.