Thursday, January 28, 2010

Linux and Continental

Turns out, Continental uses Linux on its on-board entertainment touchscreens (the touch interface is mostly terrible, though). Mine crashed when I tried to quit the sad suduko implementation, so I grabbed some screenshots of it booting up. There was a lot of glare, though, so you can clearly see me and my iPhone. Long boot sequence. The images are probably out of order, and I didn't get the beginning since I had my phone off. Click for larger images where you can maybe read the text.

Dear China...

There was some language recently about the Google attacks where a Chinese representative said how American criticism was hurting American-Chinese relations.

Dear China (meaning, the Chinese government), your criticism of our criticism hurts our relations. And here we thought you had capable Internet hackers! Turns out, you don't, according to what you say.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hopeful Toshiba and HD DVD

I found this flyer next to the HD DVD player at my mom's. Sadly she did not have me advise on her home theater setup, so some idiot bought her an HD DVD player (if they had bought her Blu-Ray, I would say the same thing, since consumers should have stayed out of it until it resolved, which it did, not in favor in Blu-Ray, but of digital downloads). Given HD DVD's demise, I find the unfounded hope in the flyer amusing. " HD DVD continues to develop." Ha.