Saturday, April 7, 2007

Pippa Norris Facts Blog Entry

(This is a repost from my UM blog. I reposted a few things from it here, but not as many as I thought I might. I am trying to keep the dates on them original.)

No, not Chuck Norris, Pippa Norris! Dr. D and I are working on a paper and recently found a highly relevant chapter by Dr. Norris, and I realized someone (yes me) must make a Pippa Norris Facts page (and since you know all about Chuck Norris Facts you don't need to hit that link, right?). If you don't, you should, or these will make absolutely no sense.

  • Pippa Norris does not collect data, it comes running to her out of fear and respect.
  • Pippa Norris does not just study democracy, she willed it into existence so she could study it.
  • Pippa Norris does not need research assistants, they need her.
  • Pippa Norris never massages data, she pounds it with her fists!
  • Pippa Norris studies political protests but does not take part in them -- no one would dare stand against her!
  • Pippa Norris studies the free press -- and the bench press!

I've never met her, but I think I emailed her once (and I think she emailed back).