Saturday, March 23, 2013

More Game Homage

Two more interesting bits of homage from some games:

  • EverQuest II and Back to the Future
  • Minecraft and Portal
Most of the homage in EQII is fantasy related, but on occasion there is general nerd humor (like at least one for Superman and one for Star Trek, although there is also one from The Loveboat, which is unusual). So, sci-fi in fantasy, even fantasy like EQII and WoW which have steampunk-like gnomish tinkerers (when did this happen to allow these games to do this?), is unusual.

Back to the Future's flux capacitor in EQII:
(EQII link) (BttF link)
As for why it's a hat, I don't know, but there it is.

Everyone, even my 9 year old nephew, knows and loves Minecraft. Everyone should also love Portal, since it was amazing (as is Portal 2). But, Minecraft is strongly influenced by some other games (as are many things influenced by other things), among them one of my favorites Dwarf Fortress. Portal was not among them as far as I know, but here you have the infamous cake, which, as it turns out, really is a lie. (Or is it, yes, yes it is, but you can think it's as delicious and moist [at 2:18] as you like.)

The cake is no lie in Minecraft, except it is:

Copying helps us make things.