Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Google H Score

H score is the crossing of the number of publications you have in journals with the number of cites each one has. The H is where you have N number of pubs that have N or more citations to them. When you have your first pub, your H is zero since no one has cited it yet. My Google H=4 as of this post, as I have four pubs that are each cited at least four times. My solo Google H is only 2. Although age of the article clearly relates, I'd say that popularity of topic is relevant. (Edit: Slashdot was hot for a while, as was online Public Sphere stuff, but that article doesn't get a lot of cites lately. Here are the Google scholar pages.)

Article (short title)JournalAuthor(s)YearCited
Mechanisms of an online public sphereJCMCSolo2005*25
To broadband or not to broadbandJoBEMCo20049
Honey, I shrunk the world!MCSCo20068
Playing Internet curveball...ConvergenceSolo20067
A cross-national study of computer news sitesTISSolo20071
Copyright notices...JCMCSolo2008*1
Global citation patterns...IJoCSolo20090
Stratification and global elite theoryIJoPORCo20090

H values as of 9/10/09.
* indicates one self-cite, relevant, honestly!
Neither self-cite affects the Google H value.
The numbers fluctuate from time to time, up and down.