Thursday, October 20, 2011

Survey Drawing Winners!

Ok after weeding out the big fraudulent entry and a few other obvious ones via data cleaning, I was able to...

  • Make a list of the valid emails.
  • Use NeoOffice's "random" function to choose three numbers.
  • The numbers were 66, 75, and 60, which were all a little high and close together but indeed that's random.
The winners are... Well the initial parts of their emails, so they can probably recognize themselves but no one will be able to send them spam (so not even complete to the @ sign), are:
  • Rolanxxxxx
  • Shirtxxxxxx
  • Twilightxxx
Later this afternoon I will be completing the Amazon side of things--I'm a little behind due to the big survey spammer and their 20+ entries, since I really didn't expect that--and then maybe I can do some analysis as well.

THANKS to everyone who actually took the survey for real, there were a lot of you and I am really grateful for your time and your help with this project. Thanks also to Ambrosia Software and Sports Mogul for advertising the survey on their boards (and boo to the three sources that didn't help, you know who you are, your name could have been here!).