Saturday, October 22, 2011

One Quick Result - Modders' Survey

Been busy filtering out spammer entries and trying to get the write-up done for ICA (due Nov. 1st), and I haven't pulled all the numbers but here is one I made a nice little graph for. The nice thing about the graph is the curve, which was unexpected -- I expected a decline, but the "No" response on this question set roughly doubled with each proceeding question, so the curve is rather visually appealing.

Here is the rough table, I haven't formatted it completely. Numbers are % and # of respondents. N=111.

What is also cool is that the numbers are fairly high, although it is possible that I got a lot of pro-community modders in my survey since I advertised for it on mod forums (a form of community) and the respondents may be slightly more helpful than the more general mod population (since they were helping me by taking the survey, although perhaps they were feeling curious).

Interactions with Other Modders

No Yes
I have told a modder I liked their mod or thanked them for making it. 7.2 (8) 92.8 (103)
I have made comments in order to help someone improve their mod. 12.6 (14) 87.4 (97)
I have contributed code, scripting, voice, visual elements, or other content to someone else’s mod. 23.4 (26) 76.6 (85)
I have co-authored a mod with others. 43.2 (48) 56.8 (63)
I have taken ownership of a mod someone else stopped working on. 82.9 (92) 17.1 (19)