Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Because It's A Mac!

So, as you can see, here is my vintage 2002 G4 Powerbook, connected to a Microsoft mouse, a Dell monitor, and the Internets at work. What you didn't see, and what I didn't either, was the Mac complaining, or telling me it had detected new hardware, or asking for drivers, or asking about anything. It just works. The mouse is fully functional, the resolution on the Dell is optimal (and windows resize when I drag them to the smaller screen on the Powerbook), and it just does its Internet thing (no need to worry about the servers and such). Reminds me of almost every cableco phone tech person when your cable modem isn't working: they tell you to reboot your Mac. If I call tech support, I've already done that. I tell them no, I don't have to. They insist (so it can pick up a new IP number, which you don't need to do on Macs, they just do it). The last guy (Comcast, this is you) wanted me to leave my Mac off for a while. I told him he was wrong and I wasn't doing it. He hung up on me. I rebooted the cable modem (for the third time) and not the Mac, and the problem went away. Annoying when you know more than tech support people when your monthly goes to their salary... But, the Mac, it just does it.

And yes, for the purists, it's a G4 PowerBook, but I like Powerbook better. (And yes, that's a companion cube, like a NeXT cube really. Oh, now I miss my NeXT cube, but it is in a good home.)