Thursday, April 3, 2008

TimeWarner Does Not Care

Every time I call TimeWarner, on my TimeWarner phone line, the customer service rep says something like "Don't forget to ask me about TimeWarner's money saving phone service."

You will immediately notice that TimeWarner is either incapable of realizing that I am already a TimeWarner customer, or they don't bother transferring this information to the screen of their customer support person. I always tell customer support that this makes TimeWarner look bad, since they are not managing information that they already have. Caller ID is simple, they even provide it to me with my phone service. However, if the support rep ever bothers to make a note of my complaint, management does nothing about it.

Let's be straight. If you want to be my information service provider, you'd better show me that you can manage information. As it is, TimeWarner continually shows me that they do not care and they are not capable. When I call my car service, they use caller ID and reference it with their database so they immediately know who I am, what my phone number is, and what my address is. A little car service company can do this, TimeWarner could but refuses to. Information management is key.