Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sony and PSP Hacking

I'm not going to claim to know the whole story, or even own a PSP, but really Sony... people like to play. People play games. People play with things: culture, toys, code, cars, everything. People hack their PSPs. Sony, I challenge you this: Ask your programmers and hardware geeks why they are programmers and hardware geeks. You know one answer you'll get a lot of? I do: Because they had some pivotal point where they could code anything they wanted on a machine, or built some really cool hardware that did what they wanted. Because they realized that they could play, and it would be cool. Yet you seek to take that away from your customers. If you encourage them to play, they will love you, they will work for you. This has to be some variation of if they fear you, they will fight for you; if they love you, they will die for you. Sony, let them play with the PSP, they will love you, you will be rewarded with brand loyalty (and yes, CDs with rootkits are very, very bad ideas).