Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Still Data Fail

Amazon still thinks I'm a student, but for years I've told them I'm not. How is this a good use of customer data? How is this responsive to customers? It's insane and idiotic (and annoying when I am trying to give them my money, they make it harder to do so, but yes ok ok I am still an Amazon customer so what do they care?).

Here's a screen grab from this month, September 2016:

But I've told their online help people that I'm not a student, back in April as you can see here and previously in January of 2015 as you can see here. So much for customer feedback.

Additionally, Twitter's recommender needs some help:

Data & Society is an incorporated entity like Valvoline, but the two organizations are nothing alike and neither are their Twitter feeds. Valvoline isn't marked as a "sponsored" post (i.e., paid advertising), and even if it were the mismatch is just hilarious.

And currently I live in New York and I don't own a car.

The data is there, people just aren't using it well at all.