Thursday, January 8, 2015

Amazon's Data Fail

So, I believe I have been an Amazon customer for well over ten years -- at least eight since I moved here to NYC, and I ordered stuff from them prior to that.

However, Amazon continues to ask me if I want the college student discount almost every time I check out. This is absurd. And there is no way to toggle it off, I had to get customer support in chat and not even he could do it, he had to bump it up to his supervisor.

Given all the data Amazon has on me, they should know better. It's not just a question of an algorithm, someone -- a team most likely -- was in charge of the implementation here, not just of the algorithm but of the page and its features.

They have the data, and the feature knowledge, yet they failed tremendously anyways. This is not the "Target knew a woman was pregnant before her parents did!" story.

Here is the actual screenshot I took, this is not some random illustrative image I grabbed from somewhere else on the web:

Update, Jan 21: Almost two full weeks later and I got the page again. Amazing and pathetic.