Friday, February 24, 2012

Elves as Human

This is super nerdy and cultural studies, but it's for a presentation I'm giving at the PCA-ACA conference in April in Boston. There's also a lot of background for it that I won't go into (like how Tolkien saw his version of elves as human or part of "the humane", and both elves and humans were variants of the humane). But, I don't Photoshop much (ok I use Gimp), and I was sort of proud of how it came out.

For Dragon Age fanservice (ha love that word), I present, Merrill as human. She's an elf. (My point is, somewhat, that most default elves are white people with ears. To some extent that's obvious. The photo manipulation makes it moreso.)

Merrill, Elf (Original) Merrill, Human (Edited)