Thursday, March 26, 2009

When Things Disappear From Google

On occasion I admit I look over how many cites my academic papers have received. No no, not vanity! Honest! Really I want to see who is citing them and what their work is -- maybe it is something interesting that I want to read! My Slashdot piece has 21 cites listed, but I thought it had 22 once. Slashdot is not the hot topic it used to be, so maybe the other, newer, pieces will survive the test of time (statistically speaking this is unlikely, most papers are never read, it is quite the long tail).

But this Google Scholar link used to have all of my papers, and now my most a recent one which had been listed and actually cited by someone I know is no longer listed. What happened? My "A Cross-National Study of Computer News Sites: Global News, Local Sites" (The Information Society, 23, 2007), is no longer listed (well, not currently). It's just gone. Weird.