Friday, March 13, 2009

Found! Old and New Phone Photo

I just came across my digital copy of AT&T's videophone, I forgot I had it in a file. Here is the phone recently at the Gizmodo event, and below in an original advertisement. Adjust your antennae for maximal signal clarity! (Ok really he's just selling hats. The hyper-connected information future is always about never leaving your home while buying everything. Nature is too uncontrollable to let people out in it.)

The advert places the phone on a dais (not quite a desk). It is sublime, it cannot be questioned. Futuristic chairs, too.

Late edit: I came across the cite for the photo with the man in the chair:
Lipartito, K. (2003). Picturephone and the information age: The social meaning of failure. Technology and Culture, 44(1), 50-81.
The image is on p. 71.