Tuesday, March 25, 2008

South Park Free

Wow. Every South Park episode is free. No no, not just bittorrent, but from the rights holders. Amazing. They get it. What a great day. Sure, there are some ads in the episode, but somebody has got to pay for it (apparently not the current revenue streams, though). Granted I am used to turning on the TV and finding all my content in one place (on the TV), and although that model is not the only one anymore, maybe it won't be too hard to find content in a number of locations. (iTunes does make that easy.) I see they are also available on XBox Live (or whatever it is called, everything is "Live" with them, which is odd if you are really live -- only zombies would stress "Live" like Microsoft does, it's creepy), but did not check pricing (which should be zero). Oh I checked XBL pricing, they are not free. I believe the XBL ones are higher resolution, but still, that's not very competitive, although versioning is a traditional market strategy.