Wednesday, February 22, 2017

More In-Game Homage!

Some people whom I will not name got me into Tinker Island, which is a game on mobiles and such. Free to play, pay to do better faster kind of thing. But it has long term planning and resource allocation. Anyways, I came across this and was delighted:

It's homage, very directly, to the MC Hammer song, "U Can't Touch This" (I see I have forgotten the "U" part of the title). Awesome!

(In the image, you can make a hammer, it costs 150 wood and 150 stone -- must be a big hammer -- and you need overall 80 crafting units to make it, and your islanders have to put in 10 minutes of work when you put them to work on it. One islander who uses it will get +4 crafting.)

Edit/Update: Shortly after this post, I unlocked... Milson! Milson is a morale-maintaining ball (with a red mark on it), and is clearly homage to Wilson the Wilson-brand volleyball from the Tom Hanks film "Cast Away".

Update 2
: Also, these two characters you can add. (Google is making this process difficult in terms of the layout....) We have a Gilligan copy (white guy, the shirt, the hat, castaway, first mate--and apparently "Willy" was intended as the character's first name I just read), and a Lara Croft copy (Sara instead of Lara, "relic hunter", white woman, brown hair, green shirt). Yes I could use the word "homage" instead of copy. My label is rather irrelevant, it's the idea.