Wednesday, June 15, 2016

ICA 2016, Fukuoka, Japan

Had a great and busy time at ICA 2016: one paper, one panel presentation, moderated a session, and won an award! (Google is being impossible with photos and tables as usual. So much for interfaces.)

I was lucky enough to be invited to speak on the new Computational Methods panel, for the CM interest group. I tried to give the crowd an exhortation to engaging with such methods, because we as social scientists have a lot to offer computational analyses. You can see the slides in SlideShare, but I don't spell it all out in the slides when I present. My presentation got a nice tweet too!

Presenting on the Computational Methods panel.
As part of the Games Division pre-conference in Tokyo at Nihon University (I love the neighborhood there, the Ekoda stop on the Seibu-Ikebukuro line), we all went to Akihabara, and of course we saw and did cool things, like engage in deep discourse with Mario, the working-class Italian-Japanese plumber.

"You don't think quantitative and qualitative methods
are complementary? Explain!"

I also was lucky enough to run into Sanrio's Gudetama in Hong Kong and then again in Japan.


I also won the very first "Best Reviewer Award" for the ICA Games Division, which is a great honor and we need more motivations like this, as reviews are an important part of the quality of the discipline.

Awards for organizing, best papers, and best reviewer!