Sunday, March 6, 2016

Yelverton Seven

We held the seventh installment of the Yelverton Sessions (Yelverton Seven) in conjunction with CSCW 2016. Named after the location of the third meeting, held in Yelverton, England, the Yelverton Sessions involve both intensive work sessions combined with cultural and natural places of interest not only as a break but as inspiration. And, a lot of coffee and good food. They usually, but not always, are in conjunction with a conference.

We voted to name it after the third session as by then we realized that yes, this was a sustained effort we wanted to continue. And, who doesn't like the word Yelverton?

  1. Yelverton One, Bangor Maine and Fredericton Canada (ICA 2011).
  2. Yelverton Two, Flagstaff Arizona and The Grand Canyon (ICA 2012).
  3. Yelverton Three, Devon England (ICA 2013). 
  4. Yelverton Four, Bainbridge Washington (ICA 2014).
  5. Yelverton Five, Hong Kong (WUN Understanding Global Digital Cultures 2015).
  6. Yelverton Six, Austin Texas (2016).
  7. Yelverton Seven, Santa Cruz California (CSCW 2016). 
We don't have Y8 scheduled yet, but it will happen at some point!