Wednesday, May 13, 2015

WUN Understanding Global Digital Cultures Conference

I was recently at the WUN Understanding Global Digital Cultures Conference, at the Chinese University of Hong Kong -- I just haven't posted about it since the jetlag is terrible!

There were some great papers, some great people, and some great ideas. Although I've been to Hong Kong before, I hadn't previously been up in the New Territories, and that area was great to see although we didn't tour around too much.

So not only did the esteemed and recently tenured Dr. Roei Davidson and I present some groundbreaking work we've done looking at crowdfunding and Kickstarter, but we also got tweeted by the director of Pew Research Center's internet, science and technology, Lee Rainie, which was awesome -- he is one of the best tweeters I know and he's older than I am! So much for youth being the digital natives. Here's one of his tweets (he had a few!). (Good publicity from a smart source!)

Jetlag fighter!

That's me in the lower right.