Friday, April 17, 2015

Ignite Talks at Civic Hall: Great Stuff!

Omidyar Network hosted a great bunch of ignite talks (the crazy auto-slide-advancing ones) at Civic Hall on April 13th, including a few people I know which was exciting!

The Speakers:

  • Laurenellen McCann Mo Open Data
  • Tony Schloss Red Hook WIFI- The Realest Community Tech
  • Miriam Altman The uphill battle to graduation day
  • Chris Whong In Search of Hess' Triangle
  • Rose Broome What is the Basic Income?
  • Lane Becker Good Enough for Government Work?
  • David Riordan The NYC Space/Time Directory: How The New York Public Library is unlocking NYC's past
  • Gavin Weale SA Elections 2014: a youth odyssey
  • Paul Lenz The Resilience of the Past
  • Kathryn Peters Disrupting government
  • Joel Mahoney Civic Technology and the Calculus of the Common Good
  • Kate Krontiris Understanding America's Interested Bystander
  • Nick Doiron The Civic Deep Web
  • Jessie Braden Open Data Perils: Question Everything
  • Daniel X. O'Neil Changing Civic Tech Culture from Projects to Products
  • Daniel Latorre What I Learned About CivicTech from Eastern Europe
  • Noel Hidalgo Clear eyes. Full heart. Can't Loose! NYC's civic tech in 2022.

Great topics, some great ideas, and some great slides.