Thursday, July 31, 2014

Gephi and Importing an Edges List

So, I wanted to import a CSV I had made in Python into Gephi. Easy. But, no. Gephi wasn't importing it correctly. File: Open wasn't reading the file correctly, the headers were being counted as nodes, and the weights were also being counted as nodes.

To the Internets! They were horrible. They all said to use the "Import Spreadsheet" button in the Data Table tab in the Data Laboratory. I didn't have such a button in the Data Laboratory. Bastards.

Mine looked like this:

As you can see there are no buttons with "Import Spreadsheet" there at all.

The Internets (like here, here, and the wiki page) kept telling me it should look like this:

BUT IT DIDN'T. Come on. Killin' me.

Solution: File: New Project. (Or command-N.) Really. That's all.

So I tried to fix the wiki page about it, but you have to have an account and I don't see anywhere to make one. So I tried the contact for the main community person, but the link to his page went nowhere, and the link for the American community guy went to some old generic page that has been retired. (I can't easily find those pages now and it's not worth the time.)

Not useful, people, not useful. A shame too, since Gephi is fantastic.