Monday, April 21, 2014

Research Presentation: CUHK, Communities in Online Games: Tools, Methods, Observations

Part of being unusually busy lately (in addition to the typical research, deadlines, and upcoming summer conference season) included giving an invited talk at the City University of Hong Kong in the Department of Media and Communication. Titled "Communities in Online Games: Tools, Methods, Observations", it was a great opportunity to talk for 50 minutes instead of the usual 12 and so I could knit together threads and themes that usually you don't get to address at all, such as larger overarching issues for research.

I mostly focused on the importance of theory for big data, and how big data might not be as big as you think, using online game communities and a couple of data sources as examples. It was really enjoyable and the audience was great.

The slides are available online, but they make much more sense in the context of the talk itself which is also available thanks to the great AV people at CUHK's Department of Media and Communication.