Thursday, September 26, 2013

PS2/PS3 Controllers and Time

I loved my PS2. Some great games. So great that I bought a used PS3 to get the kind that does the PS2 emulation in hardware and not just software (although no, I have not actually played any of my PS2 library, but that's a different story -- I could if I wanted to). But I had it for a long time. And, I've had the PS3 for a long time? How long? Well, that's the problem.

I've had them so long that the rubber on the thumbsticks degrades and becomes sticky. Not just a little grippy, or tacky, but sticky, in a gross, "this rubber is chemically falling apart" way. That's a problem. (Well ok I got rid of my PS2, but that was after the sticky thumbsticks.)

This has not happened (yet?) with the controller for my XBox 360.