Saturday, September 8, 2012

Nokia Lumia 920 "Not"

This is amusing. So Nokia recorded a video that starts with a guy on a bike pointing his little Nokia Lumia at perhaps his GF on a bike next to him. Then, the view changes to what is obviously supposed to be the guy on the bike, with his Nokia. But, as people pointed out, it's not.

It's a dude in a van. At the 28 second mark, you can see it. I captured it here for your viewing pleasure.

"OIS ON" means that the Optical Image Stabilization is on. You can see the camera van in the reflection there on the right, clearly. One supposed the OIS is from the OIS in the Lumia they were just telling you about and just showed you pointing at this same woman on her bicycle, but no.

Actually the people who originally caught this have a bigger picture.