Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Decorating Your Device

I was reading the summary of an article and I came across this sentence, roughly speaking:

they decorated their [devices] with shiny beads...
Typically, I'd be talking about cell phones, which is what I want you to think about. Typically, it would (also) be young women that do this. Hmm, Google is not helping much, trying to find images, but like this one generally speaking. (I assume there are tons out there, somewhere.)

However, the article is talking about the Afghan army, and how they "decorated their weapons with shiny beads." Nice. An AK-47 does send a message, doesn't it?

Edit: Oh found one! A real one that I took a photo of (owned by a woman), not just someone else's photo on the Internet. That's the back of an iPhone.

Edit, July 17: I was just in Manhattan's Chinatown and one store had several gemmed iPhone cases for sale out in front. I assume there were more to be found. I didn't get a photo though.