Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jon Stewart and Chatroulette

Yes, chatroulette's fifteen minutes of fame are over, but I was revisiting Jon Stewart's excellent piece on the fad (NSFW) and realized I should post about it.

The piece is notable because of its portrayal of much of the news media and their reaction to Internet things (note: "their" not "its" for news media since it is people, not a thing, I know it's incorrect grammatically but I don't like doing that, it's people). It also nails how people behave on the Internet as well (specifically, that some people like to behave badly and nakedly).

But it's also pretty funny since Stewart comments how most of the people he runs into are other reporters, doing a piece on chatroulette. It reminded me of academics and Second Life. There was a joke that, with all of the academics running around in Second Life interviewing people, they were only interviewing other academics...