Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mass Effect 2 Mini-Review

I don't like it. They took out one of the horrible things from the first version, the inventory system, which was so bad it should never have been in the game, and then they also just got rid of inventory, which means fewer loot drops, which is less fun. Then they left in most of the horrible interfaces like the galaxy map and the touchy power selector. They added two lousy security mini-games, and added horrible planet scanning.

Here are bits from two emails I sent about it:

I liked the first one better, except for the elevators and the inventory system.

Now there is no inventory, and fewer loot drops, which is less fun.
The space map interface still sucks horribly.
The lack of any camera control drives me nuts.
Trying to select powers is really touchy.
Scanning planets is terrible.
I hate the two mini-security games.

I've mined planets that have miners on them.
And last night I found a planet that had a description that said there were no minerals there, and then the scan said it was rich with minerals. Seriously?
You can endorse at least two stores in the Citadel, and even though it is cheesy and self-serving, it's a Paragon choice. You say the same thing for both stores, "This store is my favorite in the Citadel!" How is that true if you say it for both? This is not a Paragon choice, this is the other whatever it is called choice! Ridiculous.

You have to make some new account to start the game.
I already have enough accounts and an XBL account!
I did, however, hook my old Mac USB keyboard up and typed in a sane manner on the device.

The dialog seems.... long.... but thought out, although you can, oddly, repeat the same things over and over.

The graphics are very good, though.

Overall, not worth it.