Monday, February 16, 2009

Turn Me Off

So, I was recently in the Yucatan, and was using a digital camera. Sadly my Elph broke on the way down, the light-sensor became detached (it's old), but anyway. 

So I noticed how the power button is right next to the shutter button. Did you notice that they are both buttons? And right next to each other? An old camera I had used a ring around the lens, no way you'd mistake that for the shutter button.

You really have to wonder who designs these things, and if they have ever heard of user testing

When you want to take a photo with a little digital camera (not an SLR), you are looking at whatever you want to take a photo of through the viewfinder or on the screen. You do not typically look up at the top of the camera to place your finger on the correct one of two similar adjacent buttons. So you feel around for the correct button with your finger, and unless you read braille (in which case most likely you aren't actually capable of sight), there's a 50/50 chance the designers have caused you to turn the camera off when you wanted to take a photo.