Saturday, October 18, 2008

Computer Systems

The XBox came back today! That's only 11 days. We'll see if it works later. Also, been having trouble getting my G4 Powerbook onto the net wirelessly with WPA and there is conflicting info online about whether it will work or not (Apple says it can, but is vague about it), and I tried to get Galactic Civilizations II running under Parallels but there is conflicting information about that as well (and it isn't working). Everything is uncertain!

Update: They sent me a different XBox (new? refurb?). Seems to work so far, although there is a loose part inside. Think they would have noticed that. I have it hooked up to my Apple Airport Express, which is rather amusing, although it means I don't have to adjust any wireless settings on the XBox (since it's all done to the AAE on my iMac, much better interface).