Monday, July 14, 2008

Unusual Games

Via Kotaku, I discovered these.... things.... games... well they're unusual, somewhat grim, with no super clear win conditions. 2D, very short. But try them. They're different (oh they're like the Mac, that's why I like them, think different). They are all by designer Jason Rohrer, go check out his sourceforge page. Some of the ones I have seen are under Video Games, others under Game Design Sketchbook -- these ones are all at the Escapist, where you should, if you are interested in electronic games and don't mind possibly offensive things mixed with humor and usually negative game reviews, watch all episodes of Zero Punctuation, especially the Orange Box review since he actually likes, nay loves, Portal.

Wow, Rohrer's blog site got me on to Fez. That video is amazing (ok the music is also amazing). What a neat idea. Watch it, it will be good for you.

Somewhat related (topic), go check out Indie Games.