Monday, June 23, 2008

Spore Creature Creation

Wow. As I write, there are almost one million Spore creatures that people have created and uploaded (the Sporeopedia is actually a little slow). 918, 631. The game isn't even out yet, just the creature creator. You can't actually do anything with these creatures, you can only make them and have them dance (there's a freeware version for Mac and PC, so go get it already). 

The range of creatures is amazing. All this from a selection of adaptable parts! The software is good in a variety of ways, especially the interface, and there are many different sections to the interface (different modes, essentially). But people have made creatures that look like real-world beasts, there are cars and trains, creatures that have a whip-thing between their legs and have probably been banned to youtube, everything. There is a Charles Darwin, a Maxis creature, a strawberry, a Chinook helicopter, a guy on a motorcycle (yes, it's one creature). When you give people tools, they will play with them.

One thing I liked about the range of creatures is that there are different inspirations for creatures. Maybe it's a real-world beast, maybe it's a car, maybe you just played around, but there are creatures based on a wide range of culture, which is great (granted it is all stuff that Sporriors would like -- oh I think I just coined a term -- I'm sure someone else has used it though). There are...